Crandall's Greenhouse is an off shoot from Crandall's Fruit Farm which started in 1887 by a man named Charles Edward Crandall. He was born in the Orem, Utah area and started homesteading our family farm which has been in our family for generations ever since.


The Greenhouse was created in 1995 by Tim and Natalie Crandall. Tim is the great grandson of Charles. They started by growing the flowers from seedlings in their basement,  and over time they built a green house and started to create a larger business out of it. We are excited to be updating again this year and are putting up a much more spacious, brand new greenhouse! 

Here in the Crandall family, we have a lot of love and passion for beautifying and serving our community. We hope that you will come and support our efforts by visiting our farm and greenhouse!

The fruit stand is open from August-December with our fruit and it is open with flowers during the month of May.


                                  Our Greenhouse 


Tim and Natalie Crandall